Characters and attributes

To have more diversity in our game, we decided to create 8 teams with their own personification. Each team has it’s theme, logo, stage and a captain. Depending in the team you choose your game style changes, which means some teams are more offensive (more Goals card), some teams are more defensive (more Goal keeper cards) and so on.

We will show you one team’s example and their different attributes.

Adam Cox prof.png

The Crows

They are a British team with their captain Adam Cox, the goal keeper of the team. They are somehow defensive, with more Goal keeper cards on the deck. Their main color it’s black with a little bit of blue.




We created a city at night for the team, with some building and light posts.



Since we wanted this team to be more “edgy” we composed an alternative-rock soundtrack for the stage itself.

These were only a few of the elements for a team. We are still testing the game logic and are choosing how many types of card each team will have, so we will post the game logic in the future.


We are Indie Games México, a team dedicated to get the gaming atmosphere not only in our city (Tijuana), but also in our country. If you want to be a part of this team please contact us.



Our game: Field Rivals

Our first game named Field Rivals is a trading card game, it’s main mechanic consists on which card beats my opponent’s card and what action it does. The objective of the game is to get more goals than your opponent. On this game you have 2 types of cards: Primary cards and Secondary cards.


Primary cards

The game consists of a number of rounds, where each one you and your opponent put 3 cards face down. When both of you are ready, you turn your card at the same time and depending on the card, an action can be executed. Some of the actions are: scoring a goal, defend it, remove your opponent’s card, counter a goal, and so on.

Secondary cards

These are “extra” cards for a strong strategy. There are two type of cards: BG cards (Before Game) and DG cards (During Game).

On the BG cards you can put one on the board before the Primary cards are facing up. On the DG cards you can put one during a game so you can change the play with your advantage.

“Ok I got the rules, but what are the different cards you are talking about?” We will tell more details in the future, but basically Primary cards are basic actions you can execute in soccer, and Secondary cards are some extra feature to make this game more strategic.



Each team has it’s own unique deck set and different style, some are more aggressive, others are more defensive. Depending on the team you choose, your main strategy on the game changes. Each team has it’s own captain, country, stage, and card-back.



There are different kind of stages, we decided to create them so the game feels more alive and stylish. Stages doesn’t affect in-game, only in music and some visual features.


We are Indie Games México, a team dedicated to get the gaming atmosphere not only in our city (Tijuana), but also in our country. If you want to be a part of this team please contact us.






Game on

Hello players, we are Indie Games México, a team of professionals working on new ideas to create a big connection with every people interested in Game Development, from programmers to artists, musicians, writers, and more. So we can create more games in the future, together.


It’s been a year since we were born, we are currently working on our first video game: Field Rivals, a trading card game. We’ve been tested it for a while and we are very proud of how the game has been progressing from a simple “rock, paper and scissors” alike to a strategic/battle card game.

From now on, we will give you details on our works on this Game Dev social organization, on our game, and more.

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